Did You Know...


Each Time You Burn Your Candle

Each time you light your soy candle make sure you can burn it long enough to create a melted wax pool 1/4 inch across the entire top of the candle. Soy wax has a memory and will tend to burn only to the last point it melted to. This is important to keep the candle from 'tunneling' and preventing all of the scented wax to burn.

Keep Your Wick Trimmed to 1/4 Inch

Occasionally, mushrooming may occur. This simply means that there is a build up of carbon on the wick or a draft near the candle.  After each burn allow the wick to cool and carefully trim to 1/4”. I use a square of tissue paper and pluck off the burnt wick.

The Color of Soy

LoveCharlieJo soy candles are color dye free. They are the creamy, natural color of soy wax, but  depending upon the added fragrance, soy can take on different hues of yellow, gray, tan or a soft greenish blue.  This can happen when the fragrance oil and the wax meld together from the heat of the flame. 

Keep your candle protected from light. LoveCharlieJo does not use UV additives,  which means that if your candle is exposed to long periods of UV light  your wax may turn yellow. The change in color will NOT affect the performance of your candle.

Soy Washes out Easily with Soap and Water

Please reuse your container. IMPORTANT Scrape or wipe out any unused wax (so that you are not rinsing it down your drain, soy hardens and will stick in your pipes if not disposed of properly),  soak in hot soapy water to wipe clean.