Get your Candles like you get your Vino... Save with a monthly subscription!

Get Your Candles Like you Get Your Vino

Free Sample Each Month

Each month, on every subscription LoveCharlieJo sneaks in a 4 oz. sample candle for you to enjoy.

6 Month Reward

On your 6th consecutive month of subscription LoveCharlieJo will send four, 4 oz. tins in any scent(s) you choose.

$28 value!

12 Month Reward

On your 12th consecutive month of subscription LoveCharlieJo will double your order in your choice of scents. 

$40+ value!

"I appreciate that Love Charlie Jo candles are made with natural soy wax instead of paraffin (a gasoline byproduct) and come in a variety of yummy scents

 I'm partial to Tropical Vacation and Fraser Fir. 

They make great gifts! 

I especially love the "girlfriend series," labeled with fun and amusing messages

 –– funny never smelled so good!" 


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